Frequently Asked Questions

We store all your information on secure servers that use the most sophisticated and current encryption technology.  We use the same technology as the major banks and corporations.  Your security is our highest priority. We also give you the option of inputting partial account numbers. 

If you need a simple will, you can go to  to make one.  Just select your state.  It’s very simple and cheap.

Yes, Dean Anthon, Esq., Robert Friedman, Esq., and Joel Brown, Esq., are the three founders and principals of DocuVital. Robert and Joel are also consumer protection specialists.

It is crucial for your family (wills executor, specifically) to have quick and easy access to your vital information to ensure everyone’s protected when you’re gone. Millions of dollars are lost every year because people cannot locate this information. DocuVital provides this information, efficiently, in one convenient place.

Absolutely. You will have your own unique online account and password, which means you can login 24/7 to update and/or change anything in your account.

Yes! DocuVital gives you the ability to store any documents in your online account, so that you have them in one convenient place to make it easy for your family members to locate them – this makes the responsibilities of executor much more manageable.

There are many things that need to happen: arrangements for the funeral, obtaining a death certificate, notifying social security, just to name a few. Our team is here to help guide you and assist you during this otherwise confusing process.

No; however, since experienced attorneys operate DocuVital, we can direct you to the proper professionals for all your pertinent legal needs. In addition, dependent on your needs, or where you live, we may be able to assist you further.

Yes. Please refer to answers 1 and 2. At DocuVital, one of our top priorities is securing our client’s information.

We recommend all family members be protected, which is why we offer a 20% discount to each family member.

Yes, each client can provide DocuVital with the names of other people they want to have access to their account. Only those people will have access to the person’s information and only upon defined circumstances, such as death, incapacitation, etc.

No problem. DocuVital has trained staff to deal with any client situation.

You can immediately download all your information stored with DocuVital to take with you. We will then provide certification of removal of all personal information from our records and systems.

Sure, but this information can easily be lost or misplaced. Our goal is to provide quick and efficient access to all your important documents and information in a secure location and to give you the ability to update it whenever you want, in one convenient location. Plus, there are many pieces of vital information we help you gather that most people are unaware of until it’s too late.

No, absolutely not. DocuVital will not share any information with any third parties, whether affiliated or unaffiliated. DocuVital does not aggregate personally identifiable information, nor does it disclose such information in aggregate to advertisers for marketing and promotional purpose.

Maybe. However, even if they do, you will have saved them potentially much more time and legal fees because they will be able to deliver your personal information in a concise and efficient packet. Generally, law firms acquiring this information for which your family would be charged spend a lot of wasted time. The DocuVital packet will help the wills executor, role of the personal representative and/or the probate attorney immensely.  If you need to create a simple will you can go to

Generally speaking, they are the same thing. Some states call the person responsible for administering the estate a personal representative and some call them the executor of a will.