DocuVital prepares you for life’s emergencies by securely storing your vital documents and information.  


Developed by technology attorneys, our cutting edge software organizes your vital information and documents.  It is much more than just cloud storage.


We automate the process “turbotax” style making it simple and easy to upload your information through our website, taking only minutes.


We store your information using bank level security so you can access it anytime, anywhere. Download or print your documents whenever you want.

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DocuVital will guide you through personalized steps to preparing for an emergency— to organize all information and details specific to your life, via our secure servers. You can now store your vital information such as insurance, mortgage, photos, passport, passwords, music files, wills, drivers license, banking info, and much more so that you easily access it at anytime, from anywhere, right from your phone or computer. Simply login to your DocuVital account, follow the wizard as it guides you, and upload your information in minutes.

Life Happens Fast. Be Prepared.

DocuVital isn’t just for people in their later years. It’s for anyone with loved ones, spouses, and partners – that’s all of us. What would you do if you lost them? Where you start to look for information to put their life in order?