What To Do?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a clear what to do when someone dies checklist that you could reference when a loved one passes, something to make all your to-do lists more manageable? On this page you’ll find a small glimpse of items that need to be taken care of when someone dies.

  • Get a legal pronouncement of death (if there is no doctor present, you will need to contact someone to do this)
  • Arrange for transportation of the body (if no autopsy is going to be needed, the body can be picked up by your local mortuary)
  • Notify the person’s doctor
  • Notify close family and friends – designate someone to make sure everyone is contacted
  • If necessary, make sure the person’s children and/or pets are taken care of
  • Notify the person’s employer to determine if there are any benefits, any pay due, or any life-insurance policy
  • Plan and arrange the funeral (should there be one)
  • Search the deceased person’s documents/will to find out what their wishes were for their death, did they want to be buried or cremated? Etc.
  • Obtain death certificates – make sure you get multiple copies because you’ll need to provide copies to financial institutions, government agencies, and insurers. You’ll then need to take the will to the appropriate office to have it accepted for probate.

Don’t wait to create your end of life plan.

The list provided above is not exhaustive and usually varies state by state. For exact details and to have access to our experts, sign up for DocuVital today!